About Us

STEAMengine USA was born to enhance the potential that sits at the intersection of industrial design and advanced manufacturing.

Our goal is to help companies realize the benefits of new manufacturing technologies such as additive manufacturing and rapid prototype development, as well as spur new business development opportunities, innovations and growth of workforce talent.

A manufacturing renaissance is possible when we use all of our resources in the most effective combinations.

STEAMengine USA has its roots in Rhode Island, a state that was an historic world leader in manufacturing, is rich in leading academic institutions and research centers, and is renowned for its world class design community. STEAM ENGINE USA is uncovering the possibilities at the point where all of these assets converge.

Integrating the unique perspective of designers with the research and training systems of educational institutions, STEAMengine USA optimizes the process of developing and manufacturing new products. Accounting for workforce development, the function, value and appearance of products, and the materials and processes that go into manufacturing, STEAMengine USA addresses all aspects of business innovation. A new, durable, and nimble approach, we aim to spur diversification and acceleration with design and design thinking as the lynchpin.

Peruse this website to learn more about this initiative and ways you can get involved. For more details and a comprehensive overview, click here to access our Frequently Asked Questions.

Design and Manufacturing

In today’s global innovation, manufacturing, and maker economy, design is the key to staying ahead of the curve, fueling product iterations and market realizations.

40-70% of manufacturing cost for a product is determined by design.

In Rhode Island, the design sector added 500 businesses between 2007 and 2012 despite the recession.

Providence has the third highest concentration of industrial designers per capita in the nation.

The Ecosystem

A thriving, revitalized manufacturing sector requires a healthy ecosystem.
Manufacturers will need to understand new potential markets and product development based on their current operations. Designers will want to find manufacturers that can make their ideas a reality. Workers will need to learn new tools and techniques as companies grow, shift, and modify operations. Gaps will need to be found and resources and tools will need to be established to fill them. All parties will need to find each other and understand how the relationship will help them.

Currently in pilot stage, STEAMengine USA is working to build this ecosystem and test the ideas and tools that hope to bridge the gaps towards larger business and economic success. The key levers of the STEAMengine USA ecosystem are network development, design readiness assessment, industrial design and advanced manufacturing asset sharing, innovation pipeline, and workforce and skills development.

Who is STEAMengine USA For?

  • A manufacturer wanting to access design services to make a product smarter, cheaper, stronger, or better
  • A manufacturer looking for capabilities or equipment at another manufacturer to produce a product (B2B)
  • A designer looking for a manufacturer to help make their idea a reality
  • A manufacturer wanting to find existing “defense-related” Intellectual Property for new product development and enhancements to existing productsA manufacturer in the defense supply chain that has intellectual property they want to license to another party
  • A manufacturer in another state (DoD/OEA network) looking for intellectual property to support a new requirement, or new product in support of an existing DoD client
  • Businesses that are part of the supply chain for manufacturers
  • Researchers, existing companies, makers and investors who want to help drive the advanced manufacturing economy forward
  • Workers and students who want to develop new skills and take on new opportunities
  • Citizens who want to see a strong, nimble, and thriving manufacturing economy

A note from Jesse Saglio from RI Commerce Corporation


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Brown University
Bryant University
Design RI
Governors Workforce
New England Tech
P Tech
Rhode Island College
RI Commerce
RI Manufacturers Association
RI Science & Technology Advisory Council
University of RI

Advisory Council

Rele Abiade Ritter
Office of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
Christopher Albert
Office of Senator Jack Reed
Christopher Bizzacco
Office of Congressman David Cicilline
Stuart Malec
Office of Congressman James Langevin
Babette Allina
Tristan Barako/Amy Carroll
Brown University
Theresa Baus/Mary Sylvia
US Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Rick Brooks
Governor ‘s Workforce Board
Lisa D’Agostino
RI Department of Labor and Training
Erin Donovan-Boyle
Newport County Chamber of Commerce
Molly Donohue Magee
Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance
Darin Early/Jesse Saglio
RI Commerce Corporation
Kathryn Flynn/George Nickolopoulos
URI Foundation
Ray Fogarty
Chafee Center at Bryant University
Steve Kitchen/Fred Santaniello
New England Institute of Technology
Wendy Mackie
Rhode Island Marine Trades Association
Bill McCourt/David Chenevert
Rhode Island Manufacturers Association
Charles McLaughlin/Jenifer Giroux
Rhode Island College
Janet Raymond
Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce
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RI Commerce Corporation
Rich Talipsky
Systems Engineering Associates (SEA) Corporation
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RI Commerce Corporation
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Community College of Rhode Island